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The Tracking Room was originally designed as a film & television studio and was built between 1993-1994. TTR was constructed as a noise reduction studio with some very unique and distinct characteristics. TTR is located just off the expressway that runs right through the downtown Nashville area causing a rumbling effect as the traffic passes. Tom Hidley, TTR architect, decided that the best solution was to construct a building in a building. No kidding, TTR is literally a building in a building! The subfloors "float" on springs that were designed in Germany, reducing motion and locking out as much vibration as possible.

TTR boasts 5 ISO (isolation) booths with their own unique design. The doors were constructed by NASA comparable to blast doors with magnetic locks. The hinges are actual cams that seat the doors in place so that there is virtually no sound leakage during recording (60 to 80 db).

The glass is 2 paned consisting of one 1/2 inch and one 5/8 inch sheet. This means that each will resonate at their own frequency reducing sound. In other words, both sides do two different things at two different levels at the very same time.

TTR also has its own "Stone Room", which creates a live sound. This type of room was originally used as an effects chamber before digital reverb progression. It is frequently used for recording drums and achieves the same sound that John Bonham used while recording with Led Zeppelin.

Before the building was reconstructed it was a factory used in manufacturing cases for cartage. Tom Hidley, TTR architect, currently resides in Switzerland and frequently works in Japan.

In October 2006 Dale Morris purchased TTR, which was originally called Masterfonics/The Tracking Room. Today it is continuing to be one of Nashville's most sought after recording venues. Artists such as Ann Wilson of the famed rock group Heart, Randy Owen of Alabama, Harper Simon, son of Paul Simon, Kenny Chesney and Gretchen Wilson have been added to the long client history that makes The Tracking Room one of the most renound recording studios. Please see a complete history of artists and companies on our Clients page.

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